Thursday, March 26, 2009

our good ole 75'.

So what ever happened to our dear old land cruiser? We were trying to sell it at one time, but wouldn't let it go for one dime less than what it was worth.  The only problem with that is that we didn't factor in the sentimental value that we had put up into it.  And in the end, after a day of trying to get up a muddy bank to retrieve some building materials and failing again and again in a newer more modern truck, Miguel started to wish that he had the jeep.  The dear old jeep would've made it up that muddy bank without a hitch.  So Miguel has spent months now working bit by bit, putting lots of loving care into the jeep restoration.  In the end it will come out with a new metal frame, and a new coat of paint.  We'll keep you posted as the jeep is slowly resurrected.  But as of now, this is what it looks like!

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Jonathan & Noella said...

What a job Miguel! We are impressed and hope it all comes together again quickly.