Friday, April 25, 2008

big news! you're all expecting to hear the announcement of little baby Morel...stay will come within the next month for sure!

But the other big news is that last week we received a letter from the United States Center for Immigration Services saying that Miguel's residency visa paperwork passed through the first stage and is now in the hands of the State Department in Santo Domingo, who will be further notifying us of an interview date and other paperwork to complete.

That was last week...This week, we got a packet of information explaining all we need for the interview date and the date given to us is open ended. We can go down for his visa interview any working day that works for us! In other words, if it were possible to get all the paperwork together by next week, we could go next week to be interviewed and to receive his visa!

Its only been a month and a half since we resubmitted all his new application paperwork. I can't believe it! But God has a way of making things happen. Never distrust His timing guys!

So realistically, we probably won't be going to the capital next week for this interview. I need to go be present with Miguel for the interview and I refuse to be induced into labor on a 8 hour roundtrip bus ride to the capital! So we'll probably get started on gathering all the rest of his papers between now and when the baby is born, and then go down with his and the baby's paperwork together to try to minimize our trips to the capital and embassy.

But praise God! We'll be able to make it home for a visit to California this year!

Monday, April 7, 2008

feliz cumpleanos blady!

Announcing the birthday of Blady...April 5th. Like the forgetful, pregnant mother to be, it occured to me that I completely forgot to grab the camera about half way out to surprise Blady with his birthday cake in Caraballo. It was a tranquilo day for the most part. Blady wanted to spend his day in Caraballo with his family there, and we met him out there with some cake and presents for everybody to share in. Unfortunately he wasn't feeling the greatest with a cold coming on, but we celebrate with him in his 8 years of life! Continue to pray with us in that he would experience a new birth in starting a relationship with our God and King, Jesus Christ.


Over the past few weeks, construction on the new Makarios team house has continued to progress. The foundations have been hand I might add....pretty impressive, huh? For a while there it looked as if it was a Makarios archaeological dig. A few artifacts were found...but unfortunately didn't amount to much. At this point the guys are laying down the varrilla or steel supports before they start pouring cement.

The April and May rains have started which is good because we really need the rain. Its been so dry lately; however, as you can imagine...the guys are scuttling about trying to get the foundation done before too much rain falls from the sky!