Saturday, July 12, 2008

you know its hot when...

So the other day I was dusting the house when I noticed that the advent candles that I had out for Christmas looked a little strange.  Upon closer examination I realized that they were doubled over from the heat!  I thought it was just me that did that!  Go figure...

Friday, July 11, 2008

and we're back!

Hello all!  Sorry we were estranged from you all for a bit.  We had some technical difficulties that kept us from doing much on line.  Our computer conveniently crashed on us, but we
are now back up and running and excited to show you some pictures of Diego. 
He's growing like a weed and we have found that he enjoys eating.  He's starting to 
smile and laugh at us and we laugh back at his many, many funny faces.  
He's 2 months old tomorrow and we can't believe how the time has flown and 
how much he has changed.  The pictures are in order of when we took them starting with the oldest first and working up to the most recent taken within the past week or so. 
We hope you enjoy the new pics! 

Don't you wish that you all could have a passport mug shot that cute? :)
(Diego - 1 mos. old exactly)

When he sleeps on his back, he seems to prefer to throw his arms back and relax! 

Thank you Uncle Cody and Michelle for picking out the mobile.  
Diego loves looking and studying all the animals that pass by!

Throwing Papi a smile!

Diego loves to stand on my lap while pushing up on his legs.

He loves to make different noises with his mouth, including an occasional scream or two!