Friday, September 21, 2007

points for prayer.

  • Praise that the school house is nearly complete and that classes have begun.
  • Pray for new teachers and students who come through school. The majority of the kids are from very poor and rough backgrounds and come with some tough attitudes.
  • Praise that Miguel's shoulder is feeling so much better. At times it still bothers him but he is doing a lot better with it.
  • Praise that Jennie's residency papers are all deposited and is now waiting for them to be processed. If all goes well, she should have her official residency ID's sometime in October.
  • Miguel's application for US residency was sent from the US embassy in Santo Domingo back to Imigration Services in the States for further review. Since it has already been approved by Immigration Services once before we think this is probably due to our change in marital status. Pray that the paperwork is approved again and that we can move forward with it.
  • Speaking of visas, the Fisher family is trying to reunite in Italy for Christmas. Miguel has an appointment at the Italian embassy on Oct. 9th for an interview for a visitor's visa. Pray that they will grant the visa to him so that we can join the family at Christmas!
  • In case you haven't heard....Jennie is pregnant! She is feeling great so far....pray that the pregnancy continues to go well. A cyst was discovered on her left ovary, but the doctors do not seem concerned as it is most likely caused from the rapid change in hormones from being pregnant. Pray that it goes away and doesn't cause any complications.
  • Pray for continued patience for Vlady. His mother, Susa, just recently professed a newly found faith in Christianity. Pray for a genuiness of heart and a true change in her life from getting to know Christ.
  • Finances: We are currently under supported. Pray for continued job opportunities that Miguel is able to do on the side while still working for Makarios.
  • Catch up on rest as it has been a very busy summer with very little rest! The heat definitely takes its tole in this area as well.

Monday, September 17, 2007

opening day.

And we're off! Whether we're ready or not. Today was the first day of classes in the new school building. As I looked over the roster of kids signed up to attend, I was pretty blown away by the numbers. We'll have around a 180 kids running in and out through the 2 room school house each day. In case you're mouth just dropped....of course they won't be there all at the same time but in 3 shifts of 3 classes each. There will be two shifts of after school programs and 1 shift of preschoolers. Pray for us as the logistics are pretty tight in running kids in and out from 8:30 to 3:30. There are 5 teachers whose names are Cristina, Camille, Kate, Robin and Weston who are running the show. Pray for them as well. For three of them, this is their first extensive time in the country and for some their first time teaching. So its going to be an exciting and probably challenging year for all!

Lining up for morning roll call.

Cristina and her class of preschoolers.

Weston and his outdoor activity class.

Finishing up the details.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

some big news.

Well, admist the craziness of this past week in trying to get the school done before Monday, Miguel and I found out that I am pregnant! Although the news came at somewhat of a crazy busy time we couldn't be more excited. I am 5 weeks along and due for around May the 14th....just in time for my birthday.

....the school house opens tomorrow morning. More to come on that soon!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

a week and counting.

So the light is visible at the end of the tunnel and we've begun painting, cleaning up and adding those last details...

These boys have been helping us out all along. They are the errand runners, little people with little hands that can squeeze into tight places, the sweepers, and doers of tedious things. We couldn't have survived without them! Their names from left to right are Nao, Dominguito, and Angelo.