Sunday, November 16, 2008

rio san juan.

This past Saturday we went out to Rio San Juan with our friends Garrett and Anne.  We got to take a fun boat ride out in the lagoon that goes out to sea.  We saw lots of other fishing boats too including Noah's ark.  (We'll let you guess which boat that was).  It was Diego's first time out on a boat and it was hard to tell if he was too impressed.  I think he was more interested in his bottle of juice!  Following our boat ride we ate an amazing fish lunch that Miguel's cousin, Any, made for all of us.  She and her family live in Rio San Juan.  Then after lunch we all went out to the beach where we just sat and watched the waves roll in.  All in all, it was the best day we've all had a while and something we all needed.  

how much is that baby in the window?

Diego has a special window friend.  He's always a little familiar and loves to smile back.  Every time Diego catches him in the mirror, he starts to laugh and laugh and smile.  He's his favorite play companion.  And we all think he's just adorable. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

just a lazy sunday afternoon.

Diego is now 5 months old and is strong and sturdy at 18 pounds.  Poor mommy is getting a work out with him!

After church this past Sunday and before nap time, Diego had some play time on the floor.  And lo and behold he started to drag himself across the floor.  He's not up on all fours yet, but starting to gatear (crawl)?!  I'm not sure we're prepared for this next stage...

rising up.

So, the new Makarios team house is on its way up.  The first floor walls are complete and the roof of the first floor was just laid this past Friday.  The guys think that we'll be real close to completing the second floor by the end of the year.  

Miguel is still doing a Bible study with the guys working on the job site.  It usually ends up being once a week but every once in awhile twice a week.  They are going through Genesis right now and Miguel has plans to start studying John with them as well.  Be praying for the guys. None of them are Christians that we know of and some are very interested in wanting change in their lives.  Their names are Javier, Papo, Juan, Alfredo, Daniel, Eddy, Samuel, and Andy.  

Miguel is also not heading up this project alone.  There is another American working together with him named Garrett.  Garrett and his wife Anne are here for a couple of years to see this project through and to also act as basically directors overseeing everything here in the Dominican Republic for Makarios.  They have been a wonderful asset to the team and we are so grateful for their wisdom and support.  They are also the godparents of Diego! Jonathan is also from Texas and is here with us helping on the construction project until Christmas break.  We wouldn't be able to do it all without them!  

new found love.

Yup...thats right.  Like father like son.  Diego loves all the buttons and controls on the moto. And of course loves the rides he gets from them too.  As you can see, I have no say or control in the matter.  Sometimes you just have to let things be.  

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

cyclone alley.

Some of you might have been wondering how we've been fairing with all the hurricanes that have passed through the Caribbean recently.  Outside of some isolated flooding in the south of the Dominican Republic, the hurricanes have only brought along some light rain and winds that temporarily blew the mosquitos away...both of which were welcome to us here on the north coast.  On the other side of the island, Haiti unfortunately bore the brunt of these storms passing through. These rooftop photos are of the pretty skies that Ike brought for us.  Weather is a magnificent phenomenon.  Isn't it?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

still baby...yet not really? these pictures are a little mixed up.  I'm not a fan of the format for publishing these blog posts, but hey I can't complain too much.  Diego is growing way too fast!  and we are just loving him up more and more each day.  He laughs, he giggles, he makes funny faces, and generally he keeps us on our toes.  He is rolling over front to back, and back to front, and prefers to be sitting up, although not quite on his own yet.  He grabs at anything in sight and within reach. Most times you'll find him with his fingers in his mouth.  Perhaps teeth are soon to follow!

Diego loves his Bible story time with Papi before he goes to bed.

Go Angels! see Miguel truly is really trying to convert Diego into an Angel's fan.

Some more story time.