Sunday, November 16, 2008

rio san juan.

This past Saturday we went out to Rio San Juan with our friends Garrett and Anne.  We got to take a fun boat ride out in the lagoon that goes out to sea.  We saw lots of other fishing boats too including Noah's ark.  (We'll let you guess which boat that was).  It was Diego's first time out on a boat and it was hard to tell if he was too impressed.  I think he was more interested in his bottle of juice!  Following our boat ride we ate an amazing fish lunch that Miguel's cousin, Any, made for all of us.  She and her family live in Rio San Juan.  Then after lunch we all went out to the beach where we just sat and watched the waves roll in.  All in all, it was the best day we've all had a while and something we all needed.  


Ben and Melissa said...

love the pictures jen! you can see his personality coming out just through the pictures. he is a very happy little boy! can't wait to hold him in my arms:)

Papa & Nano said...

I truly can't describe the cuteness! He certainly does have sooo much expression and can't wait to see his little personality in person! Absolutely love him in the backpack. Didn't know it could be used that way! You'll have to put those in your album so we could get some pics.Counting the days..........!!! Love you all so much!